Clark Howard’s Program

Nationally syndicated talk show host and consumer guru Clark Howard recently took a question from a woman regarding her property taxes.  Although I may be paraphrasing this somewhat, the gist of her question had to do with a company that offered to reduce her $7000.00 annual property tax bill for $250.00 as well as getting a percentage of her tax savings.

We, at the Home Tax Guide, believe this is a pretty steep price to pay for this service but also understand people’s desire to pay less for their over-assessed properties.  Fortunately, there are more reasonable programs that can assist homeowners on doing this.

Howard explained the concept very well as he gave a history lesson to his audience and told them that past programs dealt primarily with the commercial real estate market.  This is due to the fact that securing an advisor for this was costly and it made sense to do this on commercial properties that were over-assessed as the savings could be very significant.

With the falling residential market, more and more homeowners are seeking relief as the assessors are not voluntarily looking to to bring their taxes down.

We applaud Clark Howard’s addressing of this issue as well as putting light and taking away the mystery on how to get your property taxes reduced.  Knowledge is not power, specialized, applied knowledge is power!



November 2nd

This upcoming election is like no other in recent mid-term history!  The TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party movement has continued to gain momentum against the growing national government and the incredible spending and deficits that our children and grandchildren will have to pay.

The voting will be very intense in many parts of the nation as many people who have never gotten involved in protests or public demonstrations have been very involved this year.  The issue is relatively simple, do we continue on the road of unsustainable spending on all levels of government or, as a nation, reverse this dangerous trend?

I personally believe that this country, as a whole, does not want to go the route of Greece or France as far as having our nation get into the dire financial straits these countries are now in. 

What do we do?  Get involved, vote and learn how to reduce your federal, state, local and property taxes.  The Home Tax Guide can help you get a leg up on the local assessors who will not voluntarily lower your property taxes.  Specialized, applied knowledge is power!



The Bush Tax Cuts

As things stand now, the Bush tax cuts are scheduled to expire on December 31st, 2010.  What does this mean for most Americans?  Well, if you pay federal taxes, your top rate will be increasing on January 1st, 2011.  For example, the highest rate now is 36% and this will move up to over 39% at the end of the year.

The lower level tax rates are set to do the same thing so any of us paying federal taxes (and yes, this means most of the middle class!) will see their taxes rise next year.

How do you counter this increase?  There is not much we can do with your federal taxes unless you locate more deductions but YOU CAN DECREASE your property taxes with the Home Tax Guide.  By just listening to the seven audios on the site ( you will arm yourself with specialized information the tax assessors hope you won’t have.  Additionally, there is a down-loadable PDF that has very specific strategies that support the audios and comes at a very reasonable price.

This will allow you to tip the scales in your favor when seeking a property tax reduction and more than make up what you will be paying in federal taxes next year.  Check out the Home Tax Guide and see how you can do this for yourself and your family.  You will be glad you took the time to do this!



Check Your Appeal Dates

This post has to deal with appealing your property taxes and the importance of knowing the appeal dates within your local area.  For example, in York, PA, the appeal date and the proper paperwork to start an appeal can be secured through the assessor’s office where you can pick it up or have it mailed to you.  The due date for starting this process goes until July 31st, 2010.  (Various states and localities vary on this so make sure you call yours and see what the dates are.)

What happens if you do not start this process by July 31st?  You have to wait until next year to set this up.

One of the ideas to keep in mind is this, many people have tried to refinance their homes and found that, due to the sub-prime issue, have seen their property values fall and do not have enough equity to meet the 80% loan to value threshold needed by the banks.  A few years ago, with less stringent bank standards this was not a problem.  Now, with the tightened standards and falling home values, many people are caught in the middle and unable to refinance and take advantage of the lower mortgage rates.

What can you do?  With the Home Tax Guide ( you can vastly increase your odds of a property tax reduction that will quickly lower your monthly house payment!  But, you have to do this correctly and this is what the guide will do for you, put you on an even footing with the tax assessors who are not rushing out to lower your property taxes.

Self-reliance is truly the watchword here as government on all levels count on people’s ignorance, laziness, too much going on in their lives or any other variety of factors that will keep homeowners over paying in property taxes.  The Home Tax Guide quickly and effectively takes a previously mysterious process and makes it explainable in layman’s terms.

For a very low investment in time, energy and money, you are well on your way to lowering your property taxes and perhaps those of other family members.  It is better to have your hard-earned money with you and your family instead of with a government entity that is overcharging you with this issue!

Be smart, be pro active, do it now and take charge of one of the biggest costs of your home ownership!



The Summer Is Heating Up!

Not only are the temperatures in the northeast near record levels, but so are the property taxes people are paying!  Many of the highest tax areas are in this part of the country and New Jersey is right near the top. 

Their Governor, Chris Christie, is doing what he can to bring these in line with the over-taxed NJ residents by putting together legislation that would limit these increases to no more than two and a half percent without a vote by the people.  For years, NJ has suffered through increases much greater than this on an annual basis.

We, at the Home Tax Guide (, applaud his efforts and believe other high tax states should follow suit!  The country of Greece is in severe economic trouble as they have continually had their government side with the special interests, ie, unions, and they may have gotten to the point of no return!

The U.S.citizens have to recognize that we can not go down the same road.  With what our states and federal government are doing, it is the equivalent of “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic!”  Many of our tax and spend politicians just refuse to look out for the long term interests of our great nation.  Getting elected is their top priority and they do not care about the consequences of their actions.

Any way we, as Americans, can slow down government tax and spend on all levels should be something that is in all of our longterm interests.  As Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain said several years ago, “the trouble with socialism is sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.”  Greece and other European nations  are also teetering due to too much spending and cozy arrangements they have made with their unions for the sake of getting re-elected.  We need to turn our ship around in order to not create a Titanic effect with our nation’s economy!   We still have time but not a lot at this point!



A 1000% Return On Her Investment! In One Month!!!!

Recently, Stephanie P. and her husband who live in York, PA used the Home Tax Guide to assist them with the local tax assessors.  Here is their story. 

They wanted to refinance their home but, due to the sub-prime mess (created by our politicians and Wall Street), were unable to do this as their home had lost a great deal of its value.  Stephanie and her family decided that they should go and meet with the assessors to see if they could get their property taxes reduced but did not know where or how to begin.

Stephanie did something that was very smart.  She emailed all the people she worked with and asked them if they could help her and her husband with their dilemma.  It just so happens that it caught the eye of a lady who is married to one of the co-founders of the Home Tax Guide.  Stephanie followed up with this tip immediately and put the plan into action. 

Upon getting the Guide and using the principles in it, Stephanie and her husband were offered a $30,000 reduction in their property tax assessment.  Realizing they should be entitled to more than this, they wisely followed the Home Tax Guide’s tips, secured two recent sales in their neighborhood that sold at a low price and, bingo! they were offered an $80,000 reduction in their assessment!!!!

What did this mean in dollars and cents?   A $19.97 investment in going through the quick reading, easy to understand 99 page PDF document was all they needed to turn the tables on the assessors and get their deserved reduction! 

They immediately saved $200.00 every month off their escrowed tax bill which comes out to $2400.00 every year!!!  The title of this article is mis-leading as Stephanie did have a 1000% return on her investment but investments are measured by annual returns and her annual return is 12000%!!!!!   Try getting that in the stock market!

When Stephanie was asked how it made her and her husband feel, she said, “Ecstatic!  It let us keep much more of our money for ourselves and not the government.”

Since the Home Tax Guide can give people in a moderately high tax state such as Pennsylvania this kind of return, what can it do for you in one of the highest property tax states?   Wouldn’t you like to get this return for yourself and your family?

Remember, knowledge is not power, SPECIALIZED, APPLIED KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!  The Home Tax Guide will be the very best investment you may ever make!  Try it for yourself and see!!  You will be glad you did, just like Stephanie!



The Time Is Now!

This information regarding your high property taxes has never been more relevant!  Learning how to speak the assessor’s language is very important when going in for a reduction in what you are paying.  Remember, once you learn to do this correctly, it is not just a one-time reduction in what you are paying.  What these skills will do for you are reduce your taxes this year and, very likely, next year and the year after that.  Additionally, it will put your starting point at a lower basis for future years as well.

What does that mean?  If your taxes have been at a $3000.00 level and you can reduce them to $2400.00, you have saved $600.00 in year one, year two and, very likely, year three for a total of $1800.00!!!!

Can you really be without this specialized information?  

Starting in year four, your new basis for a tax assessment or increase would begin at $2400.00 not $3000.00.  Once you realize this, it truly becomes a no-brainer to access the FREE audios and invest in the 99 page PDF with the Home Tax Guide.

It is totally to your advantage to do this yourself, invest some time in reviewing the guide instead of paying someone to do this for you.  By using the Home Tax Guide, you can also pass these skills on to and assist friends and family in doing this too.

You will be at an entirely better advantage than the person who goes into the assessor’s office to whine that “my taxes are too high” and then gets asked to leave.  Learn the language of the assessor and watch your odds increase a great deal on getting your property taxes reduced.  You will be glad you did!

Go to and listen to the FREE audios that will start your journey toward lower property taxes.  Do it for yourself and your family!  You deserve to keep more of your hard-earned money and this guide will be one of the very best investments you ever made!   Think of it this way, if you were to invest a mere $19.97 with this and received a modest return of only $100.00 off your taxes (an extremely low estimate by the way!), you would be realizing a 500% return on your investment!  Try getting that in the stock market!  If you received considerably more of a reduction your return on this investment could be well into the thousands of percents!  Investing in your own mind and education is always the  best thing you can do!!



November, 2010

As time continues to move toward the 2010 mid-term elections, it is becoming more and more apparent that many people are concerned with the direction our great nation is going!  A massive increase in taxes is on its way after December 31st.  One of the ways you can keep some of your hard-earned money is to educate yourself on strategies you can do for you and your family.

Most of us have played by the rules, paid our taxes while the Fed and Wall Street continue to “move the goal-posts!”  By learning and understanding how your property taxes have been impacted by the sub-prime challenge and what you can do about it, go to for answers.  It is becoming very clear that education and personal self-reliance are critically important for you and your families’ well being.

Thinking some government bureaucrat (who gets paid whether or not they create value) is going to help you with health care, property tax reduction or overall lowering of your taxes is the height of delusion!   Why some people continue to have faith in big government with its pathetic record of delivering on their promises is just amazing!

Self-reliance, personal pro activity and refusing to take any government handouts is the true watchword for having a high quality life!  It has never been truer today as we have an administration intent of making the U.S. more like Europe, in other words, the land of no opportunity!  Teach your family these values and they too, can avoid the trap of government and its false promises!



Taxes, Taxes, Taxes!

More and more people are waking up to our out of control government on all levels!  The challenge the states and localities have is, unlike the Fed, they can not print money.  Therefore, do not expect them to voluntarily reduce your taxes on the state level or with your property taxes within your home area.

As the federal government continues to grow the debt with expanding deficits, interest on the debt will continue to take up more and more taxpayer money and leave the states and localities to fend for themselves.

How will they do that?  By taxing everything they can think of!  Examples of this are soda in NYS, an additional 10% of withholding on income tax in California and many other ways taking place now in all the states.

You need to be able to protect yourself so you are only paying your fair share.  The Home Tax Guide can do this for you as far as a no risk way to reduce your property taxes.

Check out Ann Minch’s site as well at for a variety of additional ways to save your hard earned money.  The government will not do it for you!  Educate yourself so you know ways to legally keep more of what you earn.



Ann Minch-Debtor’s Revolt

As was mentioned in the last column, Ann Minch and her Debtor’s Revolt ( continues to gain momentum.  She recently was on a radio show with Ralph Evans of the Sovereign Economist ( and was able to share with his audience her goals of taking on Wall Street, the politicians and the banks.

Ann has also very generously endorsed the Home Tax Guide ( on her site as well.  She is truly committed in helping as many people as possible in her efforts to take on those who are really stealing from our nation and commiting this intergenerational theft.

If you want to get involved in a cause that is only going to get stronger, check out Ann’s site and follow her strategies to protect your family and economic well-being!